Welcome to CandyGirlYoga. I am a personal Yoga instructor based in London, England. Yoga can help
us build a fountain of strength to better tackle life’s obstacles and embrace its many treasures.

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  • Candice M Lee

  • I like to think of...

    my yoga teaching as a synergy of eastern thought for the western mind. We often are bombarded by external pressures and the time spent alone in practice can have innumerable benefits for ourselves and others as well as help to alleviate physical ailments. Thus we recognise the necessity of balance between life and the need for personal reflection.

    hope you will relish in the infinite health present in the body, the stillness of the mind, and the fullness of the spirit that is possible through yoga. Through our discovery of breath, we can better adapt ourselves to the ever changing ups and downs of life and yoga can help us build a fountain of strength to better tackle life’s obstacles and embrace its many treasures. I like to think of the asanas, or poses in yoga as not only incredibly beneficial for the health of the body but perhaps better described as a moving meditation for the mind, it is here that many deeper gifts can be found, such as how to become more compassionate, loving, open, tolerant and ethical towards ourselves and those around us. Anyone is welcome to enter the forever open doors of yoga- regardless of age, health, religion or life stage. From where you are, is from where all begins.



  • Ashtanga Style Yoga

    the astanga primary series - a set of postures which are always taught in the same order. There are 75 poses in total, however the series will be modified to suit the class duration and the students level. Ashtanga style yoga is also known as Yoga Chikitsa, which translates as yoga therapy, these postures realign the spine, detoxify the body, build strength and increasde flexibility.

    Power Yoga

    fuses traditional yoga and dynamic exercises to build strength and stamina. This intense and challenging style improves circulation and increases muscle tone.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    derived from Sri. K.Prattabhi Jois' Ashtanga vinyasa system, this style keeps the sun salutations at the start and the vinyasa (linking sequences which balance the body and maintains heat), however the series are not set. Poses from any yoga series may be offered in Vinyasa flow classes, and will run together in a smoothly flowing sequence.

    Restorative 'Hatha' Yoga

    is a system which focuses on releasing tension through postures, breathing exercises and meditation. This relaxes the mind and heals the body, soothing and gently stimulating the internal organs as well as improving muscle strength and stability.


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"With Candice I discovered what real yoga was all about. I managed to transform my perception of myself, and I don't mean it in the noble, spiritual sense,but in the simple sense of knowing myself, undertanding my limits, and becoming stronger and wiser about my body and soul. After a few sessions, I was surprised to discover how different I treated my every move, realising I am more connected to my body and concerned about its condition in a new way. I would recommend the Vinyasa yoga to people like me, who are leading hectic and eventful lives, and looking to find their own peace of mind with yoga."



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